Seven Cenotes at San Geronimo - Adventure Tourism in the middle of the Yucatan jungle

Recently I had the chance (as part of a fam trip) to visit this new attraction, which will operate for group excursions only and is not open to drop in visitors as they have activities and facilities that need to be manned for each visit.

Of the seven cenote on the property, located about an hour and a half from Merida, our limited time enabled us to visit only two. One was reached by bicycle from the main entrance - a short ride that will nevertheless test you if you are as out of shape as I am. I arrived huffing and puffing at the cenote after a short kilometer or two bike ride over some mild terrain. I kept thinking to myself "this is why I need to cut down on the smoking"

The second cenote is an experience that involves entering the cavernous mouth of an underground cave completely in the dark. You will then fall, jump or slip into the water and swim in the dark, following a guide who with a flashlight points out some of the geological highlights. The lights are then turned on and you find yourself in the most amazing cave! There is no light and so there are no photos I can post that will do it justice. You are then able to take some floating foam chair thingies and lie there, contemplating the millions of years that it took to form the cave you are in.

In some of these photos you will see rappel and ropes; these are separate from the San Geronimo offerings and also need to be set up in advance.  Enjoy the photos and if you have a group and would like to organize an outing, let us know by sending us a message here