A Blood Moon Eclipse Affair

On the evening of the blood moon eclipse, an astronomical event that occurs not at all frequently, we had a small group of people that we took out to a private property called Sihunchen near Hunucma, away from the light pollution of Merida, to witness the event from a atop a 15 meter high pyramid ruin.

Arriving just before sunset, we were able to see the sun drop below the horizon in a most spectacular fashion and immediately witness the moon come up directly opposite, which apparently happens only during a full moon.

As the moon rose in the sky we took many photos, received explanations of astrology and astronomy from a guide hired just for the event, as well as several stories, legends and more from the owner who knows all about Mayan cosmology and is eager to share it with anyone who will listen.

As the moon disappeared and the area became darker and darker, a picnic appeared with sikil pak, guacamole, sopes with edam cheese and a refreshing and gigantic bowl of jamaica.

It was a fantastic experience!

Here are the photos of that night.