Three Cenotes and Lunch

Entrance - note the landscaped grounds

A new set of three cenotes has opened up in the Cuzama area, famous for its multiple cenotes.

This tour will visit the three cenotes now open to the public, followed by a delicious Yucatecan lunch on the premises.

We expect a lot of traffic at this attraction soon, and will probably stop coming, as it will get very crowded. But for the time being, and only having been open since August 2016, this is a GREAT place to enjoy some wonderful swimming in the crystal clear waters of the cenotes. There are bicycles for those who want to bike, and a horse-drawn "truck" aka railway cart, to move you from one cenote to another. Lifejackets are available at no extra cost and there are snorkel and masks for rent. There is also a gift shop on the premises, full bar and the restaurant where you will have your meal. The entire site has been created with no expense spared and is truly spectacular.