Chichen Itzá / Cenote Private Tour (photo gallery at the bottom of the page)

Chichen Itzá. Everyone wants to go there. And a cenote? Well that's a no-brainer too. So, why not combine the two into one unforgettable experience? A lot of companies out of Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer this and so we thought we'd come over (we are proudly based in Merida, Yucatan) and offer our brand of quality private tours to folks there as well.

Our tours to Chichen Itzá and a cenote are always private, which means that you won't be sharing the vehicle with that strange couple from the hotel down the strip who always have to be the last ones back from any stop. Or the photography enthusiast who takes forever, shooting National Geographic productions at every Mayan rock. Or maybe you ARE the photography enthusiast and don't want those other people pressuring you. In any case, our tours are always private so the vehicle, the guide and driver, the itinerary are all for you.

Another thing we include is the guide. There are tours out there that feature a bilingual driver which is great, but no guide. The driver hires you a guide (another 50 dollars or so that are not included in the tour price) from the guide pool at Chichen Itzá who might turn out to be a great - or might be one that is a little tired and jaded from being there for the last 25 years. With Lawson's, having a hand-picked, personable, guide along the entire time means that your questions about the Mayans, about the area, about local politics or about how to properly eat a panucho will be answered appropriately. He is with you from the moment you are picked up at the hotel to the moment you are safely returned there. 

Additionally, we include

  • all vehicle-related costs such as fuel, parking and the highway tolls
  • entry to both Chichen Itzá and the cenote
  • towels for your swim in the cenote
  • on-board cooler with refreshments of your choice on ice

Not included are meals, shopping and a tip

And while we are on the subject of cenotes, while Ik Kil is a popular place to go, it can get pretty crowded and is a little on the touristy side. So we don't go there. We'll go somewhere else instead. A look at the photo and you will see that it is just as pretty, and far less crowded than the one overrun with other visitors.

Of course it goes without saying that our vehicles are late model, air conditioned and insured. And if you look up Lawson's on TripAdvisor (hint: click here) you will see what our wonderful guests have said about us.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to get a quote for your party drop us a line at or and we'll get right back to you with a number.