Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page. 

Some of our most frequently asked questions, both from cruisers and in general.

Where are you located?

We are located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. You are looking at our online office and we have a pick-up address for our cruise ship guests arriving in Progreso at Calle 27 and 82, in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico.

How can I book a tour?

All tours are arranged through email conversations where we design an itinerary specific to your tastes and around the things you want to experience and see. Then we provide you with a quote. Once you accept the quote, we send you a PayPal request for a deposit and mark you on the calendar. The balance is then payable in cash in USD, CDN or MXP on the day of your trip, directly to your driver when you meet him.

We do not book tours or discuss itinerary planning over the telephone. Not because we can't but because it is better for all to have the details in an email to consult and check.

Can I join others to save costs?

This ain't gonna happen on one of our tours!

This ain't gonna happen on one of our tours!

No. All our tours are private. There are plenty of other tour companies offering tours of all shapes and sizes for those who don't mind sharing their tour with others and need to watch their pocketbooks. What we are doing is giving you an up close and personal experience on your visit to the Yucatan, based on what YOU want to do. You won't be waiting on others, waiting on the vehicle, waiting on the driver or stuck with a fixed itinerary or schedule.

We are flexible and move as quickly or slowly as YOU and your group want.

What is the cancellation policy or are deposits refundable if something happens?

All deposits are fully refundable, less the PayPal fee of about 5% in the case of bookings made 2-3 months before arrival. We ask that you let us know 48 hours before your excursion date to reassign vehicles, drivers and guides. No-show situations result in the deposit being applied to those expenses and is non-refundable. This also applies for cruisers arriving in Progreso; if the ship changes port due to a pesky hurricane or a random engine fire, your deposit is returned to you. If you don't show up and haven't canceled 48 hours prior, the deposit is not refunded as we need to cover the cost of the vehicle and driver that we have set aside for you and your group. There is no refund in the case of last-minute mind-changing (see previous question)

What are the payment options? 

PayPal is used for deposits and cash is accepted for the balance on the day. Alternatively, you can pre-pay the entire tour via PayPal if you don't want to carry cash with you. We also accept Visa and MasterCard, but only for folks staying in Merida, as we don't have a portable credit card terminal for our cruise ship guests to use. Credit cards are processed at our transportation office in Merida on the day of the tour. Again, credit cards are not accepted for cruise ship excursions.

Cruise Ship tours - driving times to attractions - How long does it take?

For cruise ship passengers with limited time, all destinations offered are tested and are doable within the time you are in port. If your ship docks at 7 AM, we have you back in Progreso by 2:30 PM at t, which is when the last shuttles leave for the ship.

Driving times from Progreso to major attractions:

  • Chichen Itza - 2 - 2.5 hours either way (not recommended - too much time driving)
  • Celestun - 2 - 2.5 hours either way (not recommended - too much time driving)
  • Uxmal - 90 minutes either way
  • Mayapan - 90 minutes either way
  • Dzibilchaltun - 20-30 minutes either way
  • Merida - 30-40 minutes either way

Cruise Ship tours - pick up in Progreso. Where do we meet?

The Carnival ships dock at the end of a very long pier which is federal property and we can't drive out there to get you, as the concession is serviced by the AutoProgreso bus company. All pickups are in Progreso, next to the AutoProgreso bus terminal, a yellow building. The address is street 82 between streets 27 and 29. Please see the map and Google StreetView photo below. Our staging area and guest pickup is on the Calle (street) 82 side. 

Please note that the shuttle from ship to shore is FREE. The shuttle, run by AutoProgreso will drop you off at their bus terminal or at a small market. The bus terminal is where we are so just walk out onto 82 street and you will see our staging area across the street. 

The shuttle may drop you off in a touristy market set up for you on cruise days. If you happen to be dropped off there (there is no way to tell before hand if that is going to be the case) just walk over to the yellow AutoProgreso terminal - it is only a 2 block walk.

The earlier you get off the more time you have for your excursion. Some folks, seeing the long line for the shuttle, opt to take a taxi from the pier to the AutoProgreso terminal in Progreso, thereby saving time and getting on their way sooner.

Our drivers are uniformed and will always have a sign with your name on it; look for them. We have lost a few guests (not many, but still) to unscrupulous competitors who claim to be working with us. If you don't see your name on a sign, it ain't us!

- feel free to let us know if this is not clear - 

ImportantA cell phone turned on if you are having problems can help save your tour and avoid you losing your deposit because of a no-show penalty. Just let us know what the number is, turn it on if you are having problems and we will call YOU so you don't have the expense of making an international call. Tip: Turn off data settings to avoid excessive charges while roaming.

Cruiseship tours - Combining destinations ie. can I visit Merida on the way back from Uxmal?

A common question cruisers have is if they can combine a visit to Uxmal or Mayapan with a stop in Merida. Since we do make other stops along the way to Uxmal or Mayapan, and Merida is a city of almost a million and the traffic can be heavy, especially in the colonial center where the streets were made for carriages, not modern vehicles including buses and trucks. it is generally not a good idea as we will be rushing and you will spend more time in the vehicle.

Cruiseship tours - Will I starve on one of your tours? Do I bring a snack from the ship?

No, you won't starve and no, a snack is not necessary. One of the things that characterizes our tours is that we always stop here and there for fruit, snacks and anything interesting we find on the way. You will NEVER go hungry! There is also a cooler on board with refreshments on ice.

Speaking of the cooler, what is included?


While many tours either offer a cooler with ice for you to put your refreshments or perhaps one bottle of water or soda per person, we stock our coolers with plenty of goodies for everyone. The default option is water of course, with at least 1.5 bottles of water per person. But we take requests! And while it is not happy hour or open bar, we can provide you with just about anything from beer, sodas and iced teas to natural fruit waters and even a bottle of wine. Champagne, tequila jello shots and other hard liquor can be provided for an additional fee, depending on what you have chosen. A bottle of Veuve Cliquot will be more than a bottle of Chardonnay obviously, but it can be done.

Special requests?


Sure! What do you have in mind? A specific vehicle? A stretch limo vehicle like a pink Hummer or a stretch Mini-Cooper? Specific drinks or snacks? Boys or girls night out for a bachelor or bachelorette party at a strip club? Restaurant reservations?

Let us know and we will make it happen.