Cenote Extravaganza!

Cenotes, caves and more cenotes!!

This cenote is near the Mayapan Mayan ruins - one of three in the immediate area that are off-road adventures getting to them. Photo R. Hollmann

There is absolutely NOTHING better on a scorching hot Yucatan kind of day than to spend it submerged in a cool, refreshing and crystal clear cenote. There are hundreds - if not thousands - of these access points to what is essentially the Yucatan's water table or aquifer at various depths, in a ring around the edge of the crater formed by the Chicxulub asteroid that hit the earth 65.000,000 years ago sending debris and dust into the atmosphere and effectively cooling the earth and causing the extinction of the dominant life form at the time, the cold blooded dinosaurs. But enough of that scientific stuff.

Getting ready to hit the rope swing at the Yaxbacaltun cenote, in Homun, Yucatan
Photo courtesy M. Beckner / R. Hollmann

From Merida, where we pick you up at your home, rental or hotel in an air conditioned and insured vehicle with a professional driver, we travel about 45 - 60 minutes to areas known for their many cenotes and we visit as many as possible in one solid day of cave and cenote fun. We provide towels, cooler with refreshments and even life-jackets if you need them or prefer to just lie back in the cool water and observe the rock formations in the ceiling or the swallows flitting overhead. If you like bats, we can call ahead and have those put up as well for your enjoyment. 

There will be snacking en-route, perhaps some fresh fruit, a roast chicken or some tamales if we can get them. You will NOT starve! Our trips are designed to be extremely flexible and we can provide your group with a fun day, whether there are two of you or twelve. At the end of the day we take you back to your doorstep, where you will be refreshed, exhausted and have memories that will last a lifetime. And that's not hyperbole or some advertising baloney; this is what our wonderful guests tell us.

Send us an email at lawson_william@hotmail.com and we'll get you an itinerary and quote.