An Overnight in Campeche

On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Campeche Jazz Festival, and the inclusion on the program of Catherine Russell and Eddie Palmieri, an overnight in what was once the port for the Yucatan peninsula and the the target of many a pirate was in order.

Arriving in the afternoon, the first stop was at La Palapa del Tio Fito, for a seafood lunch overlooking the bay. The bay has retreated somewhat thanks to the city’s plan to extend their amazing malecon (like a boardwalk) with its cycle and footpaths, monuments and statues and so, the sea is not immediately in front of the restaurant anymore, but it is still a nice place to have lunch and enjoy the sunset with an ocean breeze.

After lunch, check in at our accommodation and a nap before heading to the Campeche Centro de Convenciones to see our first show of the weekend. A fabulous show, and some folks in Campeche need to learn a little about respecting the artist, as many got either bored or tired of the blues and jazz great and started leaving, mid-song. Unruly kids also contributed to the rather casual ambience.

Above, the Campeche Convention Center

A walk along the malecon at night, with an Italian soda from a lovely street vendor (pitaya and tamarindo) who came from Veracruz 30 years ago and a strong breeze was the perfect end to the day.