Akil, Yucatan - Citrus Country

Tucked in between the more well-known towns of Oxcutzcab and Tekax, the former being the hub of all citrus and fruit production in the state, and the latter full of history and natural wonders, Akil is a small village with not much to offer but still a typical southern Yucatan town, with much lush vegetation, fruit plantations and the unique distinction of producing fine athletes!

In town, you will notice little in the way of colonial wealth on display in the form of crumbling mansions, but you will see never-ending sessions of kids practicing basketball in the main square. Mayan thatch roof chozas abound as do a gazillion malix street dogs.

There is a cute airbnb in town where you can set up your base camp for exploring the area, and it is much more pleasant than the rather unappealing, commercial hotel offerings in “Ox” as it is known, or even Tekax, which at this point deserves some quality lodging options along the lines of this airbnb.

Enjoy the photos!