Las Coloradas, Salt Production Center of the Yucatan - Day 2

After dinner in Tizimin at the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor, we had breakfast this morning at the number two restaurant on TripAdvisor. I liked number 2 better. Good service, good food and central downtown location. Then, it was off to the coast to meet our guide Mario aka Jacky Chan, whose nickname is inspired by the fact that he does bear a certain resemblance to the martial arts actor. He took us on a walking tour of the salt evaporation pools, with their distinct hues and also gave us background, history and scientific explanation of what we were seeing. Great guide!

Besides viewing the pink lagoon(s) there is also what they call the Mayan bath, which is a clay like sand, full of healthy minerals and no organic matter (no smell and good for your skin) that is applied to your face or the whole body if you like. Later, you wash it of a little further down the road at the “blue lagoon” which is fed by ocean water from the sea, just behind the dune on the left in the photos.

After leaving Mario, we visited doña Miguelina, who, with her family had prepared for us a delicious lunch of sikil pak, ceviche and tikin xic (grilled fish, marinated in achiote). We ate two fish: pargo and tambor. I recommend the pargo most definitely!