Mayapan and Cenote Tour

Watch the video above to see some scenes from this tour, as recorded by our fabulous cruise ship guests this January! Please note that the zip line part is NOT in Progreso; rather, it is an attraction at your other cruise ship stop - Cozumel!

As an alternative to the Uxmal ruins and an alternative to the now-defunct Chunkanan Three Cenotes Tour, there is the Mayapan and a Cenote tour which will appeal to those who want to see a great Mayan site along with a truly spectacular, off-road cenote.

Mayapan is one of the "big three" along with Uxmal and Chichen Itza but is far less visited and often you will have the entire site almost to yourself. No crowds, no gift shop and no tour buses; just a lost Mayan city in the forest. Mayapan is 5% restored so it won't take long to visit the buildings and climb to the top of the main pyramid for a spectacular view of the area. 

The Westberry's are our models here and used our photographer services to take home photographic memories of their day in the Yucatan countryside.

Once you are nice and toasty, we take you to a nearby cenote near a small village where you will meet some of the locals and enjoy a refreshing swim. 

If this sounds interesting, let us know on the booking form and we will plan a special day just for you and your group, based on what YOU want to experience.