Los Chocantes Caves - Revisited

In my previous article on Tekax I mentioned the Chocantes caves and described my brief visit there with Pedro, the owner of the property and the most chill guide ever.

On this latest visit, with a group of Lawson’s guides, we took the entire tour, crawling inside the caves to see the magnificent crystal formations (hence its name Gruta de los Cristales) and cruising down the hillside on the Yucatans longest zip line (150 meters in 14 seconds).

Ideally, you would want to set aside 4 hours or so to visit the site completely and thoroughly. Again, like at Chacmultun, bring a cooler with lots of ice, Gatorades and water - you will need it. And while this tour can be done in a day from Merida, I would highly recommend an overnight, either in Akil, or as we did on this occasion (six people) in a lovely airbnb property in nearby Tzucacab.

Pedro and his staff are friendly, professional and the operation is supervised and safe. Guides in front and back keep an eye on the group so no one falls behind during the hiking and caving. All zip line activities are professional and done with the latest equipment so no one goes flying off into the underbrush at a 100 miles per hour.

Contact us at lawsonsyucatan@gmail.com to set up a private tour for your group to this area including lodging and meals along with the many activities.

Enjoy the photos!