Cenotes in Homun - Part I

Homun is famous for it's cenotes. There are at least 5 to visit and more in the immediate area, including the Laguna Yalahau about 14 kilometers down a rough road that is impassable in the rainy season without a four wheel drive or high axled vehicle. 

But the five that are visitable are spread out around Homun and fun to visit, on a non-crowded day preferably not in the summer months or during spring vacation when many families from other parts of the world are visiting these and other attractions in the Yucatan. 

On a recent "fam" trip, we visited a few of these cenotes. 

Our first stop was the "main" cenote in town, right under a school and with the ugliest entrance I had seen in a long time for a cenote. Inside, swallows and the occasional bat await. The cenote is a ring of blue water around what appears to be the rock and earth that has caved in from the hole in the ceiling. The cenote is undergoing some improvements from the evidence of planting going on above ground and also in the circle of earth below. 

The photos will give you an idea of what to expect. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Homun cenotes trip. 

A concrete box bunker is the charming entrance to the cenote

Note the small lettering that says to watch your stuff!

The view as you come down the stairs

The water is pretty and there are, like in all the cenotes in the Yucatan, little black fish always looking for a handout.

Also, plenty of rock formations. The water is shallow in parts so ideal for kids and non-swimmers as well.