A Trip through Merida's Market

More than just fruit and vegetables!

A walk through the maze that is Merida's main market is an experience like no other, especially if you are new to Mexican markets in general.

There is fruit and there are vegetables of course, some of which you will not have seen before and others that are more familiar. Small stands run by hipil-clad Mayan women who have brought their radishes, cilantro and ground pumpkin seeds to sell and other, larger stands with every possible citrus fruit imaginable.

There are spices, pastes, condiments and even small bags of pork lard that look like homemade silicone breast implants, all liquid and jiggly and an essential ingredient to any Yucatecan meal.

Live birds, rabbits and puppies along with all manner of hardware, freshly slaughtered meat and of course tiny stalls serving something fried and yummy, round out the experience which can sometimes be accompanied by live music in the form of a small 3 piece "band" playing loudly for merchants and their customers. Leave a tip in their jar and you will be rewarded with a smile or a nod, perhaps.