The people that make Lawson's work

Lawson's Original Yucatan Excursions is supported in the Yucatan by Tierra Nueva, our local transportation partners. Great people; reliable and professional.

In addition, we employ the most qualified guides and drivers; those who not only know their stuff, but are also great hosts. Guides are certified and knowledgeable and the drivers are professional and comply with all necessary permits and licenses. Guides that are tired and bored with life don't make the cut. Drivers who are less than careful get left behind too.

In the villages and at the attractions, we try to involve local folks as well - from regular members of the community that help with our visits to those who have a specialized skill that will complement what we do - so that they also feel that they are part of (and receive the benefits from) the tourism experience we are creating for our valued guests.

The end result is a win-win-win experience for you, our client, for us your hosts, and for the communities and attractions we visit. 

Meet some of the people you may encounter on a Lawson's excursion.

Daniel Canul Li

Daniel is our tour coordinator, general fixer and personal assistant to the owner of Lawson's. While we figure out a job description for him, he is involved in every aspect of the tours, from coordinating calendars and bookings with our transportation partner(s), scheduling guides and drivers and even accompanying guests on tours and filling in where necessary.

His background is Korean and his grandfather came to the Yucatan along with many other Korean immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century when Yucatan was experiencing explosive growth and there was an abundance of wealth thanks to the henequen industry. He is bilingual and loves to practice his English on our customers when accompanying them on tours and enjoys showing visitors the things that make the Yucatan so special. 

Daniel has had extensive training in the customer service field and has a very clear idea of what good customer service must be - his interest and ultimate goal has always been to work in a tourism-related field so this is our lucky break! His job is to ensure that the Lawson's credo of 'spoiling our customers' is carried out to the letter. And although he has only recently started with us, his contribution is already felt and he is making a huge difference in day to day operations of Lawson's Original Yucatan Excursions.

Daniel Canul

Daniel Canul

Angel Gongora - Guide

If you have arrived here after reading some of our great reviews on TripAdvisor, then you have probably seen Angel's name pop up again and again. He is the most popular guide that we have ever had at Lawson's and we feel extremely lucky to have him in our arsenal. He is, for the most part, self taught and is extremely curious, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about a broad variety of subjects.

Father of one, he is warm and empathetic and you are guaranteed to fall in love with him as many of our wonderful guests have before you. He will stop unexpectedly as you tour with him and share with you an exotic piece of fruit, a perfectly grilled chicken, a tree on the endangered species list, a harmless but imposing snake on the highway or point out a photo op that you would never have noticed otherwise. His rapport with local people in the many villages we visit and the ability to take guests that are in his care inside the homes of local people in a respectful and yet completely natural way are unmatched. 

An excursion with Angel is one you will cherish for many years to come.

David Bacab - Guide

David Bacab, originally from Celestun, Yucatan, is a much sought-after and extremely qualified guide not only for the Yucatan, but for the entire southern region of Mexico and Central America. Specializing in Mayan history and the flora and fauna of Mexico, he is a talented guide for bird-watching enthusiasts. David has worked for some of the best tourism providers in the area and can hold his own on any subject you care to throw at him, from the conquest of the Americas to politics, art, gastronomy and philosophy. He is very well-read, a graduate of Cornell University and if you are fortunate enough to have him as your guide, you are guaranteed an unforgettable tour, as he is also a consummate host and will take exceptional care of you and your group.

His calendar is often full far in advance and we are lucky to be able to count on him when he is available to show our valued guests the very best of the area.

Jose Luis Zapata - Driver

A recent addition to the Lawson's team, Jose Luis is a conscientious, professional driver eager to always help improve our guest's experience, assisting the guide with everything from cutting fruit to serving drinks. He's also happy to help with photos so don't be shy and give him the camera!

Be sure to have a chat with him in English as he is trying his best to become proficient.

Jose Luis, or simply "Zapata", is a fun-loving individual who is always smiling and ready to make a joke; until he gets up into the driver's seat of the van you are traveling in. Then he is serious and all business. You and your guide are in very good hands when Jose Luis is at the wheel. 

Nerea Torres - Merida Tour Reservations

If you are staying in Merida, or anywhere else in the Yucatan and are asking about a tour, you will probably have been in contact with our fabulous Nerea, who is the person in charge of handling any and all tours and transportation inquiries for this area, that are not from the cruise ship. 

Nerea has had extensive training in providing first-class customer service and is prompt, courteous and super-efficient. Raised in the Yucatan, she is very familiar with all the great things that the area has to offer and we are most pleased to have her as part of our team. She already has received several (positive) mentions on TripAdvisor in the short time she has been with us!

Alex Hollmann - Cruise Ship Tour Reservations

The newest member of the Lawson's Team is Alex, who is another Merida, Yucatan native and Canadian to boot. She is fully-bilingual, well-versed in providing superb customer service and will be sharing with Adri the looking after of all our lovely cruise ship guests. We look forward to working with Alex!