Lawson’s Amazonas Adventure

Lawson’s is offering an accompanied Amazon Adventure package which includes river, jungle and cultural activities. Tentative dates: May 15 through May 30, 2020 - travelers, not tourists, are welcome to send me an email for more information. Note: Actual dates may vary.


The rio negro

One of the components of the trip will be a river cruise on the Rio Negro in an Amazonian boat. This cruise will be 7 days minimum, 10 days maximum and is an experience of a lifetime. The river, with its magical sunrises and sunsets, is truly amazing and on your boat, with three meals a day and lots of activity (or not) to choose from, you will fall in love with the Amazon as I have.


jungle tree climbing

Along with the river boat, a stay in the old-growth jungle with the added bonus of climbing a giant tree and contemplating nature from the canopy of the Brazilian rainforest is a must. Additionally, there are nature hikes and other activities related to understanding the delicate balance of the local ecosystem and how us humans can be a part of it without destroying it all.



A potential add-on to the tour, you should plan for another week to include this. The largest festival in the Amazon and the birthplace of many float designers for Rio’s more famous Carnaval, Parintins dresses in blue and red for it’s huge annual festival. The batucadas will make your heart skip a beat.