Carefully restored with period furniture and decor


The haciendas or plantations came about with the colonization of Mexico. The Spaniards initially started with ranches for cattle and horses along with some crops ranging from fruit to sugar cane and even cotton. In the middle of the 1800's the world demand for sisal fiber created immense wealth for the hacienda owners who were more than happy to fill that 


demand with henequen also called sisal fiber which grew naturally here and had been used by the Mayans for hundreds of years. 

The ranches became plantations, much like the cotton plantations in the southern U.S. and with the same conditions for the workers, who in this case were Mayan.



You will be taken from Progreso directly to the hacienda, a drive of about 70 minutes. The tour encompasses the main house, the machinery which is working to show you how the fiber was extracted and the rope made, the Mayan house for a glimpse into life for the Mayan workers, and a gorgeous cenote to refresh yourselves after the tour. A meal at the excellent restaurant is also included.


This is a complete tour where you will experience much of what made the Yucatan so wealthy that there were more millionaires per capita here than anywhere else in the world! You MUST get off the ship as soon as possible and NOT wait for the crowded shuttle; rather, take a taxi from the ship to our meeting place. A late start will mean you cannot take this tour and an alternative will be suggested or the tour can be cancelled (non refundable deposit)