Carnival Day 2 Excursion - Progreso Tour with Lawson's Original Yucatán Excursion. Special thanks to our guide Daniel and Lawson's for putting together this wonderful private tour for us.

Uxmal and Cenote Tour

The tour to Uxmal is, hands down, our most popular, for both cruiseship passengers and visitors to the Merida area. Rather than just zip you out and back, we do stop here and there to break up the drive and keep your knees from seizing up and your lower backside from becoming numb. There are so many things to see along the way, that it is virtually impossible to do them all but makes it great when you can pick and choose the things you find most interesting!

By the way, all the images on this page are professional photos done by local photographer Albany Alvarez for the Gansen family. Let us know if you are interested in having your own personal paparazzi follow you around for the day, taking plenty of quality photos for you and your family! There is a charge for this of course - let us know if you're interested and we'll set it up! 


We always stop here and there to see what's cooking, what's tasty and what's in season. You will NOT go hungry on a Lawson's tour.

If we're lucky, there's yummy tacos.

There is ALWAYS fruit. Different times of year, different fruit. Here, it was fresh, juicy grapefruit.

The Gansen family, arriving in Progreso

There is plenty of information on Uxmal out there, so suffice to say that it is THE best Mayan site to visit, hands down. Better than Dzibilchaltun (sparse and only partially restored), better than Chichen Itza (crowds, crowds more crowds and a gazillion vendors)  and better than Skippy peanut butter on hot crispy toast on a cool Wisconsin morning.

Making some stops en route to Uxmal. Market, church, artisans.

At Uxmal

The Gansens make a splash at the cenote

And finally, goodbye! Hasta la próxima!

Besides the actual Uxmal site itself, here are only some of the options available (photos at the bottom of this page): 

  • Market fun in Uman - visit the colorful market, take a ride around the block on one of 3,765 tricycle taxis, visit the the giant church with the Moorish dome on top and eat exotic fruits along with something tasty from the bakery.

  • Hacienda Yaxcopoil - the grand dame of haciendas in the immediate area around Merida, at one time occupying over 25,000 acres and employing (so to speak) 600 Mayan workers who were, as on all the haciendas in the Yucatan, essentially slaves or at best, indentured servants. The fortunes of many families in Merida were built on the broken backs of the Mayans. The building itself is amazing in its over-the-top wealth at a time when money was no object and there was no foreseeable end in sight. Of course the end did come and now this palatial estate is a crumbling ruin.

  • Artisans in Muna - there are some very talented people in Muna making some beautiful art. You can stop to admire and purchase something unique and very Yucatecan, knowing you contributed to a worthy cause - sustaining the precarious existence of some truly talented artisans who should be getting a lot more recognition than they are currently receiving.

  • Hacienda Ochil - another plantation, semi-restored and featuring a restaurant serving Yucatecan food. A popular stop on the way for groups, the hacienda also features an amphitheater, a small museum and several local craftsmen and women making fine pieces in sisal, stone, filigree and embroidery. A gift shop rounds out the offering.

  • Cenotes - there are just a few cenotes on the route to Uxmal, but it is possible to enjoy a refreshing dip in one of them after working up a sweat at the ruins. Highly recommended!

  • Caves - Yes, caves too can be visited in the little mountain range (hills actually) that rises up just behind Muna. The whole hillside is like a piece of swiss cheese and the Mayans used many of the caves, which they considered an entry point to the underworld, as sacred places for ceremonies and important rituals.

If you like what you see, or are interested in the photo-promo, let us know on the booking form and we will plan a special day just for you and your group, based on what YOU want to experience.