Chunkanan plus Homun Cenotes Tour

While the rest of the tourism world in the Yucatan from the official sources to most travel agencies (with only a few exceptions) blindly continues to promote the 3 cenote tour of Cuzama, we here at Lawson's are saddened to announce that the Three Cenote Tour out of Chunkanan is no longer available. Petty squabbling over which village has the rights to which cenote, along with complete indifference from the authorities, has led to this deservedly famous tour disappearing. If you go to Cuzama now, you will be unpleasantly surprised - and perhaps a little miffed that no one thought to mention it - to find that the tour consists of one cenote from Chunkanan or one cenote from Cuzama. Two groups, two fees. The spectacular Bolonchojol or "rabbit hole" cenote at the end has been closed.

Instead of canceling the tour altogether, we have modified our version of it to include the one cenote out of Chunkanan and have added to it a nearby cenote in the town of Homun.

From Progreso, a 90 minute drive to the town of Homun where you will visit a completely underground cenote which you will access by what is probably the best stairway in a cenote in all of Yucatan. Then, off to the village of Chunkanan where you will board horse-drawn railway carts that take you into the underbrush and to one of the original cenotes featured on the now-defunct three cenotes tour.

There will be plenty of time for swimming and enjoying these natural wonders with their crystal clear blue water. 

 On the way, there are villages and towns to see including the Hitchcock style church in Ek Nakan and the Mayan pyramid right in the middle of town, in Acanceh. Both are on the road to the cenotes and you will have time to photograph or perhaps visit both. 

Due to the popularity of the cenotes, for cruisers it is important to note that during Easter Break or July and August summer holidays there is a lot of tourism and so lineups  and crowds at both cenotes and waiting for a cart at Chunkanan are not unusual.

If any of this sounds interesting, let us know on the booking form and we will plan a special day just for you and your group, based on what YOU want to experience.