David was fantastic!

Janice and her friend were here for a few days and besides visiting the convent routes, they took a birding tour with David, our expert resident birder who can identify a bird from it's squawk, peep, or whistle if you send him a recording made on your iPhone, he's that good. Janice thought so too, apparently.

I was actually going to send you an email. David was fantastic! You have really made my experiences in the Yucatan into something special. Can’t thank you enough.
— - email -

Birds and more birds! An absolutely incredible experience!

From the Carnival ship, a pair of birders set out with our intrepid birding expert David, and this is what they had to say!

I want to thank you again for arranging my recent birding tour. I had an absolutely incredible experience. David’s expertise was exquisite. He found us over 60 species of bird during the 7 hours or so we had, despite the rainy and overcast weather. It was more than I could hope for. I would really love to post some sort of review or description of my experience on your website. David mentioned that ours was the first strictly birding tour that your company offered, so I hope my review will help other birders choose you for their tours. Is there any means of me providing such a review to you?

Thank you again and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family. I will likely be back again myself!

Best wishes,
— email -