Xocen - the Crown Jewel of your Yucatan Experience

Bonnie visited Xocen as part of her week-long tour across the peninsula with her group of amigas. Here are her thoughts:

I had the fortune to see Xocen on our tour last Sunday. This is an absolute must see. To leave the Yucatan after having seen the play is the crown jewel of getting to the flavor of the Yucatan. To summarize the gist of the production of over 300 actors of all ages of young to old (and that is the point too) we learn that without traditions in the Mayan culture they are lost. One cannot help
but be moved by the production, the costumes, dancing, symbolism..

I promise, let it wash over you and you will know.

The selling of tickets helps the local villagers and community and also with help of the government through grant funding to keep this gem alive. A rustic and earthy setting, primitive but adequate seating and the setting sun is the backdrop to the experience.