Our family felt secure

In Progreso, Scott and his family with Angel and Pedro aka "Pecas"

Scott came to Progreso with his family and we took him to some off-the-beaten-path cenotes, FAR away from the crowds. They were very happy with their private trip! Here's Scott:

I wish to share the attached 6 photos with you & report that Angel as our guide was as good as it gets!

Angel explained everything that we had questions about, and our driver (Pedro/Pecas) was also helpful despite the language barrier. Angel tried extra hard to find precise words in English whenever he spoke with us instead of glossing over info like he could have - he did an outstanding job. Both obviously had ‘customer-oriented’ attitudes.

As a bonus, Angel did a superb job as a videographer when I asked him if he would film some footage on my camcorder as I joined my family snorkeling in the first Homun cenote we visited. If you’d like, I will post this footage on YouTube if you could use it. Pedro took the attached photo of our family standing together in the cenote, and the one at lunch. The cenote family photo is a real keeper, one of my wife Pat’s favorites. Two other attached photos of us snorkeling are stills from video that Angel did.

Both were mannered in preparing a delicious, appropriate, and well-timed lunch/snack for all of us while we finished snorkeling in the 2nd cenote. Pedro even brought over a nearby cinder block for me to sit on when he noted I did not initially have a seat at the table. Very well done.

Both of these guys made our family feel secure, although we sometimes wondered where in the heck we were being taken to. (Ha) It worked out that the 2 cenotes in Homun were ideal for our family in this excursion. Please say hello to them & share this message and its photos with them.

My only regret is that I didn’t tip them a little bit more. Angel noted that he & Pedro were a team at the end & he struck us as a very genuine, well-read person.
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