"Recommend your company to anyone heading to the Merida/Progreso area"

Jason convinced his wife and family that taking a tour into the Yucatan, Mexico with a guy he found on the internet to see some cenotes would be a great idea.... 

We are back and had a great trip to the two cenotes with Jorge. It was nice to avoid the crowds and go somewhere a little off the beaten path, with flexibility to adjust our schedule as we wanted. Jorge was waiting for us at the bus station, helped with our bags, was a cautious driver, and was very patient with us all day. We appreciated the snacks/drinks, good conversation, and he got us back to the ship on time (although the pier shuttle system was quite lousy) My wife was very leery of taking our young daughters in a van into the Mexican jungle like that (it took a lot of convincing and promises), but she had a good time, felt safe, and said she would do it again. I’ll recommend your company to anyone heading to the Merida/Progreso area.

Thanks again,

The Chunkanan cenote, looking up.