"Highlight of our cruise"

Tamera and her family group of 9 cruisers chose to get away from the crowds and take a private tour to some ruins and a cenote. Here are their comments - pay attention to the last sentence! 

This is not a photoshopped picture. It really looks like this when the sun is overhead.

Everyone agreed that this was the highlight of the trip. The ruins were amazing. We were the only people there and got to climb tot he top of the biggest pyramid. The view was spectacular. Then on to the cenote’. I cannot even describe how beautiful it was. We climbed down a long set of wooded stairs to a platform where we could jump or use the ladder down in to the water. Several of our braver travelers jumped from the top of the stairs. The water was clear and the most gorgeous shade of blue. We swam in the cave for about 30 minutes. We were the only people there until he end when another group of 5 showed up. Our guide was so knowledgeable about all Mayan history and culture. I felt like the kids really learned alot. We had 9 in our group from 7 to 58 years of age. Even the 7 year old went to the top of the pyramid and swam in the cenote’. She did not have any difficulties at all. We will remember this trip for the rest of our lives.