Jennifer from Alabama; Thanks so much for a wonderful day!

Jennifer and her group of 12 came in on the Carnival ship this past week and had a wonderful visiting Mayapan and the hidden cenote. Here's what she had to say about her excursion: 

We had an excellent time in Progreso, wish we would’ve had longer to spend visiting the cenotes. Our kids have went on & on about how awesome it was to see the ruins and have our own guide to share the history. We were so thankful to visit Mayapan rather than some of the other sites because there were hardly anyone else there. We got to enjoy the tour at our own pace and not feel rushed because of large crowds. We also enjoyed the cenote is Pixyah. About half of our 12 person group felt brave enough to attempt the jump of about 25 feet. We had a lot of laughs watching each member of our group stand on the ledge and contemplate the drop. The water was the most amazing color of blue and the ambience of the cenote ranged from serene to a good sort of creepy. Gener was an excellent host. He shared so much interesting information with us regarding not only the history, but the culture and economy of the areas we visited. One of the most memorable times was when we were driving thru the small village to go to the cenote. There were small children playing outside and Gener asked Jorge to stop. He shared some cokes with the kids and they were very grateful. I looked back and saw my daughters with tears in their eyes. It touched them so much to know what an extravagance that was for the children and how little we all have to complain about. That act of kindness will never be forgotten, Gener explained about how much the parents earn in a day and that buying a soft drink isn’t something they do very often. He is very kind-hearted and that stop alone was worth the entire price of the tour to me. I truly appreciate the professional and courteous manner in which we were treated. He made sure we had a great time and we did. We even made it back to the port with plenty of time to shop. My husband and I are wanting to return to spend more time in the Yucatan and will definitely make sure we contact you again to help with our stay. Thanks so much for a wonderful day!