From Cancun, two days in the Yucatan!

Seven lovely ladies from Florida left the beachiness of Cancun and entrusted their valuable vacation time to us. Here is what they had to say! 

At the Muna mirador lookout. Do they look like a fun bunch or what!

We all had a great time! Thank you for making our trek around the Yucatan so special and unforgettable. We couldn’t have chosen a better tour guide is the resounding conclusion.

Angel might have told you we had lots of rain from the tropical depression to deal with on Tuesday, but despite the weather, we laughed a lot and and learned while at it. Angel surprised my mom with a stop at the hacienda Mark Tacher filmed in in Merida, and now she’s got his essence twice over! That was so thoughtful and unexpected. He and don Jorge (el Profe) went out of their way to show us a personal side of the Yucatan - and they were chuck-full of information.

Needless to say, your sense of humor fit right in with this crazy bunch - thanks for indulging us and sharing so much information about the Yucatan, its people and customs.

Uxmal was their destination