Grace and her Carnival group went to Uxmal...


Wow, that tour was absolutely amazing! I can’t thank you enough for setting up such a wonderful day for my friends and me. David was so knowledgeable; he answered every one of our questions about the Yucatan ranging from Natural History to Politics, and ya, he knows a LOT about birds :D And Emanuel was so kind and helpful. He was laughing and smiling the whole day. 

We thought the hour and a half drive out to Uxmal would be boring but David kept us well entertained! He even stopped in a market place to show us some of the local fresh fruit and then took us to a handcraft store to buy the most beautiful souvenirs! And Uxmal itself was way more interesting than we had anticipated! We could tell that David really loved the Maya and he knew so much about their culture that it was easy to imagine what life was like for them. Then after a long walk in the hot sun, Emanuel brought out cold towels to help us cool off! It was so refreshing; such a nice touch. 

David took us to lunch at a gorgeous Hacienda (I can’t remember the name of if; if you get the chance, could you ask him what it was and remind me?) and we had the best pulled pork I have ever tasted. When I asked David what was in the sauce, the staff brought out a plate with all of the separate ingredients so I could see how it was made. After lunch we went to a breath taking cenote! I would never have imagined it would be that beautiful! And then to see Emanuel bringing down a bottle of wine for us; it was absolutely wonderful. 

The Yucatan has a special place in my heart now :) I really hope to make it back in the near future, and when I do, you’ll be hearing from me! Please tell David and Emanuel thank you from all of us and I hope everything goes well for all of you!
Peace and Blessings,

~Grace ”

In the cenote

At Uxmal

At lunch

At lunch